Argus Professional Showroom Mobile Detail Ferrari F8

Showroom Detail Package

The Showroom Detail Package includes all the services provided in the Maintenance Detail and the Full Detail Package, along with additional and enhanced detail services that can make a significant difference in your car’s appearance.

Included Services from Previous Packages

Included Services

  • Foam Bath
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Dry
  • Exterior Sealer
  • Deep Engine Bay Detail
  • Tires Dressed
  • Interior Detail with High Pressure Air
  • Streak-Free Glass Cleaning
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Detail & Condition Leather & Alcantara
  • Deep Clean Seats
  • Detail & Condition Leather and Plastic Surfaces
  • Advanced Carpet & Alcantara Patterning

Showroom Detail Added and Enhanced Services

Clay Bar Exterior Paint: Process involves using a clay bar on the exterior paint of your vehicle provides a deep cleansing action, effectively removing embedded contaminants like road tar, brake dust, and industrial fallout, leaving the paint surface smooth and ready for polishing or waxing. This process not only enhances the paint’s overall clarity but also contributes to a brilliant, showroom-quality finish.

Iron Decontamination: Application of a specialized iron remover to break down and dissolve iron particles embedded in the paint, wheels, and other surfaces, leaving behind a cleaner and smoother finish.

Full Exterior Polishing: A meticulous process of smoothing and refining the paint surface, removing minor imperfections and swirl marks, and enhancing the overall gloss, resulting in a lustrous and showroom-worthy finish.

Premium Hand Wax Exterior: Application of a high-quality wax by hand, ensuring thorough coverage and a deep, long-lasting shine that enhances your vehicle’s paint and protects it from the elements.

Shampoo Carpets, Floor Mats & Any Vinyl: Process involving vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris, followed by applying a specialized cleaner and agitating the surface to loosen the embedded dirt. After allowing the cleaner to dwell, the surface is thoroughly rinsed and extracted to remove the dirt and followed with hot water extraction.

Hot Water Extract Carpets, Floor Mats & Any Vinyl: Utilizing hot water extraction machine on your car’s vinyl and floor mats providing a deep and effective cleaning that lifts embedded dirt and stains, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

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