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The Dallas/Fort Worth based Argus mobile detailing team will come directly to you for a full detail service on your luxury car, truck, or SUV. Looking to take your detailing to the next level? Argus is here with ceramic coating, paint correction, and paint protection film (PPF) services at our shop in Addison, TX.

Argus Professional

Argus provides mobile detailing and in-shop ceramic coating, paint correction, and paint protection film (PPF) services for vehicles in the Dallas/Fort worth area.

“Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, our team of experienced detailers is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with unwavering confidence. We work tirelessly to enhance your car’s appearance, restoring shine and luster reminiscent of the showroom, and even leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. We also make sure you have long lasting protection throughout your ownership whether it’s with our high quality ceramic coatings or our premium paint protection film service. Trust us to surpass your expectations with our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence. With our comprehensive approach, you can confidently showcase your vehicle, driving off with a renewed sense of pride and satisfaction. Let Argus Professional Detailing bring out the best in your car today.”

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Our Services

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Safeguard your vehicle with our top-tier Paint Protection Film, providing an invisible armor that protects your car from road debris, rock chips, and other hazards.

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Ceramic Coating

Unleash the power of lasting brilliance and protection with our premium ceramic coating, providing a hydrophobic shield that enhances and preserves your car’s finish.

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Paint Correction

Restore the original beauty of your vehicle’s paint with our expert paint correction services, correcting imperfections and bringing back that flawless, glossy shine.

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Professional Detailing

Improve your vehicle’s appearance with our professional mobile detailing services, leaving it in a pristine, showroom-worthy condition.

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Book your Argus Professional Detailing premium in-shop and mobile detailing services below.

In-Shop Services at Charge Mods

This advanced protective layer provides an invisible barrier protecting your vehicle from dirt, debris, rock chips, and harmful UV rays.

A resilient, glossy finish that repels contaminants and offers long-lasting protection against UV rays and environmental pollutants.

Our in-shop services are the ultimate way to protect your vehicle’s finish.  The Argus Professional Detailing team at Charge Mods is here for all your Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic Coating, and Paint Correction needs. Leave it to us, and experience the professional touch your car deserves.

Argus Professional Detailing PPF Mini Front Bumper Spray

Mobile Services

Limited Availability*

Car details start at $150
Truck/SUV details start at $200

+$50 Optional Add-On for Steam Cleaning and SIO2 Treatment

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  • Foam Bath
  • Exterior Hand Wash & Dry
  • Wheels, Tires, & Wheel Barrels Detailed
  • Tires Dressed
  • Interior Detail
  • Streak-Free Glass Cleaning
  • Clean Door Jambs
  • Detail Plastics & Leather
  • Deep Interior Vacuuming
  • Quick Air Blow Crevices
  • Fresh-Up Any Patterning

Includes All Services in Maintenance Detail

Car details start at $300
Truck/SUV details start at $350

+$50 Optional Add-On for Steam Cleaning and SIO2 Treatment

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  • Spray Sealant Exterior
  • Deep Engine Bay Detail
  • Interior High Pressure Air Detail
  • Detail & Condition Leather & Alcantara
  • Deep Clean Floor Mats
  • Deep Clean Carpets & Seats
  • Detail & Condition Plastic Surfaces
  • Advanced Carpet & Alcantara Patterning

Includes All Services in Full Detail

Car details start at $500
Truck/SUV details start at $550

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  • Clay Bar Exterior Paint
  • Iron Decontamination
  • Full Exterior Polishing
  • Premium Hand Wax Exterior
  • Shampoo Floor Mats
  • Shampoo Carpets & Any Vinyl
  • Hot Water Extract Carpets
  • Hot Water Extract Vinyl
  • Hot Water Extract Floor Mats

We are delighted to offer detailing services that come directly to you.  The Argus Professional Detailing fleet of vans are fully equipped to provide detail services even in remote locations. 

Sit back and relax while we take care of everything to ensure your car sparkles both inside and out. Flexible scheduling, expert detailers, and top of the line equipment; we are here to help busy car owners keep their prized possessions looking their best.

Argus Professional Detailing Lamborghini Huracan STO Rear Mobile Detail

What our clients say

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every visit. Our state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products ensure a long-lasting shine on your vehicle.

Sonny Ismail
Sonny Ismail
Great team. They are car enthusiasts just like myself. Please keep up the great work.
Andrew Navarro
Andrew Navarro
Argus and his team wash my cars every single week. I never have a complaint because They are professional very detail oriented and They go above and beyond for their customers. They also don’t cheapen out on the chemicals like most. My cars get treated very well. Would recommend Argus to anyone
Caleb Navarro
Caleb Navarro
Call Argus and team if you’re tired of your expectations being mismanaged and want your car to stay looking better than the rest, if you have certain area of concern Argus is the easiest person to communicate with, and go the extra mile!
Argus and his guys come every Thursday like clockwork. They usually do 4-5 of our families fleet of cars. In the past with other Detailers you could tell the would rush through them to make sure they all got done sacrificing quality of the detail. With Argus we never have to worry he has his process down to a science and it is evident by the quality and quantity he is able to accomplish. Argus is a fine young man who I know is going places building what I can see as the premier place to have your car detailed and pampered. For the sake of this review I want it to be known that our cars are all ranging from Porsche to other exotic luxury cars. Those cars require extra care and know how or they can be ruined.
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro
I’ve used many good and known detailers in DFW, Argus detailing blows everyone out of the water. They are extremely detail oriented and have the best quality control. Very respectful and responsive team, don’t go to anyone else!
Roxana Rico
Roxana Rico
I was recommended Argus by my family and couldn’t be happier with how clean and detail oriented the service was. Argus sets the standard for professional detailing and is a gentleman to work with. He is the only detailer I will use and recommend!
Richelle Schwartz
Richelle Schwartz
Argus did a fabulous job on my car. He manage to take all my puppies hair. He did amazing job. So clean and smells like a new car. Highly recommended.
Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown
Argus did an amazing job restoring the paint on my Lexus after an unfortunate concrete overspray. He returned it to me looking better than new. You won’t regret hiring him.

Our Professional Detailing Services

Argus mobile detailing solutions come to you.

Argus Professional Showroom Mobile Detail Ferrari F8

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Argus Professional Detailing Bentley

Full Detail Package

The Full Detail Package includes all the services provided in the Maintenance Detail, along with additional and enhanced detail services that can make a significant

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Argus Professional Detailing Aston Martin Vantage Front End Wash

Maintenance Detail

Introducing our Maintenance Detail Package, the epitome of a premium yet fundamental car care service designed for those who seek regular upkeep. When tailored as

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